Conceptual idea for the 2020 Connect to Purpose event titled: Beyond
Target Audience: Internal Novant Employees
Comments: To start this concept, I wanted to begin with gathering as much information as I could about the event. Messaging, date, time, venue, demographic of the attendees and budget. Some of this information was unavailable to me (budget) and some was very broad data (the  demographic of the Novant Employee is extremely broad and not just limited to healthcare works but also includes office workers, administration, etc that covers pretty much every demographic category).

Once I had that information gathered, I delved into how to make this event memorable and personal to every employee. To do this I would need a concept that combined impactful imagery and a message that each employee could apply to their own sense of personal purpose. The image of the man on the mountain invokes a feeling of connectedness and peaceful purpose that people usually find when in a beautiful and powerful natural setting. I highlighted this image with shapes in the Novant Secondary colors to help tie the imagery back to Novant.

With that imagery in mind, I began to formulate ideas for how to make this imagery a symbol of the Connect to Purpose message and keep that message for longer than just the week of the event. I conceived of a packet of activities that can be done by the participants during the week of the event and “Beyond” throughout the year so that feeling of purpose could be renewed over and over. I added to that by applying this to objects that the employees can use all year long and not just the week of the event: t-shirts, lanyards, buttons, bags, pens, etc.

What you see here is just a rudimentary start to how the message can be applied throughout the event “package” that would be given to all employees. 
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